Season 3 Level 40 XP Reward Speculation

Following the pattern of Curry and Blake, I’ll assume it will be a current, popular player, but not one of 2K’s biggest cash cows (Giannis, LeBron, Zion).

Here are my guesses for a Level 40 Opal (ranked by most likely to least likely):

  1. Luka
  2. Anthony Davis
  3. Ben Simmons
  4. Embiid
  5. Devin Booker
  6. Ja (I wish!)

Personally, Simmons, Embiid, or obviously Ja would motivate me the most to reach Level 40.

Feel free to chime in with your predictions!


Kobe MJ or Kareem


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The blog mentioned Jordan in a weird way with some Season 3 challenge.

I’m leaning PD MJ


I doubt it’s Kobe but if it is…damn. EVERYONE will be grinding!

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And maybe 2K has figured out that maybe they SHOULD put an even more desirable card as the Level 40 reward (like Kobe, Giannis, etc.).

The “free” reward costs people hundreds of thousands in MT for “renting” players. Believe me. I know.

They could get even more evil by putting more XP behind “Original Owner Bonus” challenges.


Give me a good Luka card yes please.

GO Mugsy

PD or GO James Harden

Chef boyardee

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what blog

I can almost guarantee the reward next season is an opal. That alone is going to create a grinding frenzy. It just seems like it’s time for them to start opal season already. I can’t see another PD going up with Christmas right around the corner.

I’m thinking maybe D wade.

Or better yet I’m wishing opal D wade…highly unlikely :joy:

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I think it will be either a SG/SF or a sf/pf and a big time scorer. I don’t have a guess on wether it will be a current or former player though.

I’m feeling an opal too. We’ll have plenty of them by the end of season 3 so it makes sense. Hoping for an AD

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maybe an opal sabonis (arvydas)

There’s a new 2k ad on Instagram that features a segment for rewards, it shows this seasons reward players along with KD and Luka. I’m guessing those two could be season 3 reward players.

PD Michael Jordan. NBA will be starting up by the time this ends so excitement will start to increase in the game.

I agree, they have to make it an Opal.

I’m guessing the Idols reward will be an Opal, so they will start popping up in promo packs soon.

6-7 weeks from now a PD is not gonna cut it for that big of a grind. I think it will be an Opal Centre.

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Ja Money would be the shit!!

Watch it be like a Melo Ball cuz of the draft

Melo, Wade or Harden