Season 3: Iced Out

Level 40 Reward: Opal Allen Iverson
Unlimited: PD Jason Richardson
Limited: PD Dan Marjele
Clutch Time: PD Damian Lillard
Draft: PD Andre Drummond


6’0" PG as season reward? Meh… J Wall, Curry, Penny, Fox and Ja good enough to skip this season.


Dan Marjele gonna be a sniper

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Its Allen Iverson. That why everyone want him. No one cares about wall etc

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Thunder Dan. And a good dunker.

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It’s cool AI and it a reward beyond level 40 also. This season is filled with extras can’t wait for it to start.

I think overall this season will be a good one. Yeah, AI might not be the tallest player but he’ll be a good and fun card to use. With the winter break approaching I’ll have more time to grind him for sure. I’m stoked about that Michael Redd card, too. His jumper is too clean.

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I’ve been hoping for a clutch type mode for a long time. Games take to long for me to focus especially living with other people… I’m not sure how I feel about the 4 point shot though

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its like they only made the clutch time rewards good so that ppl would play the mode over others

will see when it’s all going to be available on 2kdb. But PG position already crowded - plenty good pg’s available. Only one PG is missing - Magic - I wish they made him as level 40 or clutch reward :frowning:

I was expecting Chris Paul but def very glad it’s an opal AI!!!

Idk, for a season that covers through Christmas, rewards seem underwhelming. Was looking forward for the Unlimited reward but dont really care much for Jason Richardson. They’ll probably drop a PD Lebron and Kobe in packs so Richardson will be riding the bench for me.

No way I’m grinding for an Allen Iverson card, even if I like him. Too many other cheap viable options at PG. I’ll probably just go for the Ascension player and then only do short term challenges for other reward players.

This is around the time I stopped playing 2k the last two years. I come back near endgame to spend my mt.

These rewards arent too enticing to me. If I can get Iverson fast and have a better reward to grind for that would be interesting. The new mode sounds fun though.

With these sad drops, Clutch gonna be sweaty af first week.

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I really liked Pink diamond Jason Richardson last year. I think he will be worth the unlimited grind

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Same I usually drop out right after Christmas but AI is my mans so I have to at least get to level 40 this season then prob tap out like I’ve done the last few years lol.


Why is nobody talking about the option pack for beyond level 40

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2 times in a raw there is no real motivation to play draft… disappointing

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Not many grinding for AI