Season 2 XP Tracker

I know that multiple people have tried to come up with good ways to track this. The link is my attempt. If people find it useful, I will try to keep it up to date. Are new daily items added at midnight PT?

The easiest way to use it is to open it with your Google account, select Make a copy from the File menu to make a version for your own account. I will try to add each new set that can be copied and pasted in or you can add them manually to your personal version. You can copy it to another spreadsheet, but you would have to redo some formatting. I set it up with filters so that you can easily search the fields. For example, if you are about to play a domination game, you can filter only domination challenges to see if there are other agenda items can be done. You can also filter out expired items and I have it set to highlight items expiring today to yellow and expired already to red. To use the tracker portion, type 1 into the done column for items that you complete and it will calculate your XP total and highlight what level you are on with the right hand side. You can then also filter out items completed.


love it men, very nice work

one question, what is TT, TTO and TTC?

tt = offline?
tto = online?

Triple threat challanges.

nice work bro

I tried so hard to upload my workbook to this site and I’m just not smart enough to format it I guess. I’ll still use it myself but it’d be nice to share

Anyone done this? Original onwer I have 3 West card played triple threat online didn’t count, played unlimited with 1 player also didn’t count

Yep I have 3 OO players from west and east and it didn’t count even though I won I’m pretty sure it’s glitched

I wanna do it fast and sell it cus now still have value but now I think the price might drop till 1k and 2k haven fix it :joy:

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I posted about this last night. It’s GREEDY for 2K just to have these Original Owner challenges. But it becomes GREEDY AND EVIL when you waste MT ripping packs for these cards only to win the damn challenge and then it doesn’t even count!!!


This is freaking AMAZING! I was about to start a spreadsheet myself, but thank you so much!

So right now if you grind everything u can get to lvl 25-26 i think, not 100% bout 26 cause we still can’t play the Original Owner challenges

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2k really going to make me play a game of dom for just one block :unamused:

I have added today’s four new items. Assuming that you have current Luka Doncic, that’s a pretty easy 500xp.

If anyone wants to help with the requirements for the later challenge games, that would be appreciated since I do not know when I will play them myself. I know that usually at some point, somebody will post them somewhere on the board.

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Most of em are easy bro the only one that might be difficult it’s the 2 blocks or the other one with 2 steals…they use set players so I wouldn’t stress it

But jaren Jackson jr doesn’t get any cl challenges yet for his card

I just hit level 24 and redeemed Ruby JJJ but 2K doesn’t have any JJJ XP challenges for me!

I am starting to wonder if you unlock the OO challenges by beating all the other individual challenges first. It does say “Bonus”

hmmmm i really dont know what is TT challenge!

i know TT online and offline, but what is challenge???

Triple threat challenge at spotlight series there.
But I already completed Tt challenge still not count for The OO west. I saw some one already complete for East but West he can’t complete

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Absolutely it force me to buy pack… Okay I bought then get those bunch of emerald card :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: nvm, as long as I can complete the challenge and get xp is ok… BUT YOU CAN’T EVEN COMPLETE LOL 2k is a joke

What level is everyone on?

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