Season 2: Build Your Empire


Two very interesting notes: Unlimited is now 16 games to get 12 wins, and in TTO wins your opponent’s points don’t count towards the 100.


i could care less about the rewards… the fact that 2k has listened to our feedback about the two modes and changed them is something to applaud.

our next mission is to do the same about their addiction to money, and putting money above consumer satisfaction


but even the rewards seem nice, and new dom gives us something to do. hopefully bingo smith is nice i’ve been waiting to spend my tokens. huge W season so far

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This is such a huge W so far from what I’m reading. Thank goodness TTO is going back to normal.

There’s no increase on TTOffline it sounds?

But KG and Amare def sounds good with me :raised_hands:t4:

First time in years I feel like they listened to us, first time I’ve been excited after reading their blog and that’s such a W.


Don’t really have any interest in PD Chris Mullin, should i just get Walt Frazier now?

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Yep finally they listened to the community

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The online modes are definitely more accessible. These are the things they need to keep doing for the long term success of the game.

Could someone do me a favor and post screenshots of the Courtside Reaport, my school computer will not let me in.

I think there will be an increase, but rewards will be too bad that they dont bother mentioning it :smiley:

Really interested by these player coaches

Everyone complimenting 2K for listening to customers, In reality the game modes were unbearable and they’re trying to save what’s left of the dwindling player base


That’s the unfortunate reality of what it took to get a response. I love the gameplay this year, but it’s too many badges, shoe boosts, graded cards, holos, it’s like they tried to think of a way to monetize every single little thing.


One thing i have learnt from all the L40 grinds. Don’t need to do it if it’s not a SG or PG :cold_face: Garnett is a veeeery replacable big from ah no matter what his stats are. Very relieved.

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Do we think these player coaches from Dom will just be coaches? Or do you think we will be able to play with them as well?

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I can’t wait for the coach lebron memes to start

Changes do make online much more accessible. If you can’t go 12-4 you probably at least think you have a chance.

If 2k was really smart they would change unlimited to 4 min quarters. Being able to play more games would engage “casual” players so much more. 5 min quarters is just too long a game loop.


I’d love for them to keep unlimited how it is for 13 man rosters but add a 3 minute quarter 5v5 game mode with no stamina