Searching from The Collection will be back in Patch 2

patch 2? Did they even have 1 yet? lol

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a new feature they added is on shoes you can search specifically for that shoe on the AH if you have it

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Well I had an update the first day I got the game. Maybe that was patch 1

But yea we NEED patch 2

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This is the best example for the state the game is in. They have to patch in an essential feature of one of the biggest modes. I want to grab a developer and shake him while screaming at him “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL??? YOU CANT EVEN JUST LEAVE OPTIONS WE HAD IN THE GAME?!? WHAT ARE YOU FKN RETARDS DOING OVER THERE FOR 10 MONTH OF THE YEAR???”

The best example of the state of the game is that 50% of gameplay is broken, ie shooting and shot contest system, and the problems we are solving involve fixing the ability to search the auction house to be able to lock in tokens quicker. Kill me