Screen names of you tubers/good players

I only know of tydebo/ROC something ? And I’mjust
Isaac .

Good to know screen names so we can prepare/quit lol.

Just play them

I don’t bother to set my settings for most people . But if I’m in for a sweat I do so be nice to know ahead of time lol

I know that ty’s is TwoWayRoco. Isaac’s I’m pretty sure is just his full twitch name spelt out. Not really sure who else’s you’re really looking for

Watch out for that pskills43 guy. Heard he a sweat… Lol


@dnttalktomeh is alwaysahunn3d

if you see him, youre guaranteed a win because he will just quit and FLEE


He’s a demigod and will wager any bum on this site. /s

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I heard he’s Pascal Siakam, Ty verified this I think.

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That’s really interesting, i wonder how many NBA players play MyTeam

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No this is a joke, Ty played @raptorsbenchmob one time and thought he was Pascal Siakam because his GT is Pskills43

Ahhhh :joy::joy::joy:


I had a whole chat dming me lol. Lowkey how I got into streaming. Went into his Chat. Interacted with him and his Chat. Then couple weeks later was like fuck it I wanna stream lol

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