Scott O'Gallagher leaving 2K for EA Sports

Scott OG who has been one of the gameplay producers for 2K for the past few years is starting a new role at EA as Creative Director. IMO its a big loss for 2K as Scott implemented a lot of defensive tools over the years since like 2K14/2K15 days. Dude actually played pro bball in Europe so he knows the game on a high level. He was mainly responsible for the defensive side of 2K’s game, not sure who’s going to replace him.


Will EA finally produce a competitive alternate to 2k?

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No. I doubt it

this is good if he’s going to work on a bball game.

regardless of if 2K remains better than a potential Live, the competition would end up being good for us.


Good for him.

This has been the best news of 2020 thus far.

Idk if this is good for the state of 2k games. 2k20 defense is not memorable. AI was effective though. Any idea who replaced him?