Scammer List (Help Protect Our Community Stay Safe!)

If anyone has been scammed or won a wager and the guy didn’t pay up then please put their name in here to help protect our community. Hopefully this will help users not deal with these people as they will most likely get scammed as well.

EDIT> Would like to point out that on Reddit for buying and selling any type of digital good in games, every game has scam lists and scam threads. I am checking the scam threads constantly on NHL as there is so many scammers in that game it’s unreal. People even build up rep just to scam people, its pathetic.

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Dude that scammed @QuantumKat was a fake account that’s all they’ll do anyway so this won’t be productive

He paid up in the end. But you’re still right. They’ll just make a bunch of fake accounts. Regular users on here probably won’t scam anybody.

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Everyone please click on the user to make sure they are not a fake account (impostor). Always Always make sure they have history of buying or selling.

Don’t know why you go first anyway you have enough rep to where you don’t have to now

That was my first thoughts when I seen that. I don’t know much of QuantumKat but I looked into a lot of this forum and he seemed like one of the most trusted guys on here so no need to go first.

Complicated transaction. He wanted 200k and put up 220k worth of cards. He sent me the money, minus the extra $5 and then didn’t pay the extra $5.

Sometimes you got to lay down the law lol.

Dude you got to pay me the $5 before I give you the whole amount. lol

“I want my $5” lol

Yeah, I learned my lesson! Silly me thinking that if you’ve sent me $40, you’ll surely send me $5 after I get your cards.

I would love to add a name to this thread, however, he will snitch and cry bullying and the mods will defend him.

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Wager issue?

No, MT transaction

I can see how a wager might have conflicting situations but I am really curious about your situation. When it comes to guys not paying or not giving the guy the coins he paid for imo there is no reason not to say who it was. What if he does what he did to you, to someone else? Do what’s right!

I actually asked a mod if I could start this thread and he thanked me. I can’t see how they would protect a scammer buddy.

If you stay on this board long enough you will know who I’m talking about. It’s also listed in other places. If you want more details feel free to PM but I won’t speak further in this thread regarding him

Who is it?

Bro I logged off of here before you sent those msgs plz don’t slander my name like that

Great Idea to spread awareness. I was scammed, as provided above, and it was a very annoying and nerve racking process to go through. I was reimbursed but it took like a week to get my money back. I did get scammed on 2kmtc, but so far I’ve done quite a few mt exchanges through 2k gamer and it’s been all successful transactions and I hope it stays that way for everyone else in this community.

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Yes this community is pretty clean as a whole which is great. Feel free to share the name that scammed you on 2kmtcentral (2kmtc) as they sometimes come on here and post that they are buying and selling. It might prevent someone from dealing with him and having the same thing happen to them.