Scammer alert

Sorry ass scammed for 200k lolol.


Guess he read about not trusting people without PFP’s lol…these scammers are mutating

Pretty sure he scammed me too. Hasn’t responded for a bit lol

Gave y’all the Big D 3000


Lol broke boys smh. Who wants 100k for the free?


No Vaseline


No cap :joy::joy:

He got me too.

Damn, Big D is a serial scammer. This dude is out here just D’ing everybody down

He’s probably like “those 2kg guys are so dumb, i just made $8 worth of MT for free rubs hands snorts rubs hands@


Big D bout to make some real money off us :joy:

This guy looks familiar i may have sold to him way back. He had a ton of posts. It’s sad when guys seem semi trust worthy and do this.

Damn I did a deal with him way back when and I thought he was trustworthy. He even vouched for me on my vouch thread

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He a scammer? I been doing deals with him and never had a issue. That sucks


Why would you ruin your account for 2K20 MT when the new game drops in a few days haha?

He hasn’t posted in a long time maybe he got into a car accident or got super drunk or something?

It says he was last seen 40 minutes ago

Didn’t see that, just saw the last post was hours ago.

Doing deals with someone and u going first doesn’t mean they are trust worthy… Just means they wanted your mt.

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Moderators are looking into this issue :+1:t3:

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Big scammer