Scammer alert

@DaKidStar2k pics coming right up

This dude wants 400k MT. So he posts the cards for me to buy, I buy the first card for 50k a ruby KAT.

Those are his cards. He said 8.8k bid and 50k bin. There was a total of 16 cards, all doubles of the list he gave me, all were 8.8k bid and 50k bin. I figured he was buying off me and someone else too and put up the same cards with the same bin and bid

I bought the 8 he said he posted

Now he’s saying those cards aren’t bought. He’s tryna say I scammed him out of a petty $40. I noticed what he did was he put double the cards up with the same bin and bids at the same time to make it look like I scammed him after our transaction was over

I’ve done plenty of transactions over the last 2 years with amounts over $200. This dude really thinks ima fuck up my rep over a quick $40? Fuck this dude


That’s why you don’t trust someone who calls themselves DaKidStar

Lol and this dude liked the post too?

Check it out look at all the times this dude scammed me i sent him money to him he never bought all my cards

Tell him show the pics

:frog: :coffee:

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They should have been the 1st thing he uploaded was proof

Here we go, he scammed me so I scammed him back. Take it to the DMs guys…ya boring

What’s taking so long

Don’t like it stay out the thread dickhead

You ain’t slick mf. Once I bought that ruby KAT you posted the same card with the same bin and bid right away So you can pull your lil stunt after we were done


Naw this is real shit tho



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Who else have you worked with?

Lol listen to what he saying after he bought it I post it right after so then it would look the same the times would be different there’s no possible way I can even do that and have them at the same time exact exactly the same please tell me how do I do that this dude is scumbag for real

So someone is gonna post the same exact cards as you around the same time with the same bin and bid? Fuck outta here

Me who have i worked with cuz i show u howmuch ive spent on here and who ive spent with and how long

What we see still ain’t sent them pics right still waiting on them

This dude makes posts every other day asking for MT and comments on every seller thread wanting MT for the last few weeks.

Saw this coming.