Scammer alert lamont6384

Beware my fiends on the PS4 Mts market, we have a scammer here : @lamont6384

First of all, I know it’s (partially) my fault as I should have never gone first with such a recent member.
Then the scam seems to be a classic. A card is posted in the AH as mentioned in our chat below and I buy it as the screens show.

Then he goes like if he didn’t get the Mts, says « I will pay, no problem » and finally goes dark for 5 hours despite my messages.

Again, my fault, no big deal as it’s only 100k, but I felt all sellers should be warned about that scammer.
Mods and @2KGamer can obviously go through the conversation and then do what they feel appropriate.

And happy new year !


Damn sucks that happened. I think you sold enough to not have to go first anymore especially for new members.

Thanks bro, and yes, it’s on me…

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Nah its on him. Just be a good human its not hard. Scamming for 100k. Clown shit.


He messaged me this before:
“I can do 300k but can you do work first to then I pay 10 and so on so we both be in the safe side. Been messed over $80 this week”

I knew there something fishy if the new account dont want to go first, so i rejected him


Why do I feel like this isn’t the first time I’ve seen you get scammed? Correct me if I’m wrong…

I know the temptation to get a deal done is great, but man it’s almost like you knew it was going to happen and just didn’t care. I hate seeing scammers get away with it.

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Wow scamming for 100K lmao that shit is sad af


This was obvious. You should never trust anyone named Lamont.


It was also something like that for me…

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No, it’s a first for me. And yes, I had a bad feeling about this deal, but sometimes you got to pay to see…

Damn, being French I didn’t have the reference. I’ll do my homework next time :slight_smile:

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He commented in a few posts . Man just can’t trust no one these days. Sad.

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c est quoi la ref ?

I just tried sending a PM, @HarryLundt , @kinsman , @2KGamer can access more than me


Red Fox would approve this statement.


Je crois que c’est un show US, Sanford and Son


He tried to scam me as well. I showed him my rep page, told him that I am a very reputable seller, and he still demanded that I go first. Once I mentioned that he may be scamming me, he stopped replying real quick lol. Evidence here seems damning enough but I can provide screenshots if necessary


Everyone should remember that being a member here doesn’t mean anything.

It all depends on the record one has built up here that matters.

What does the record show, in terms of a person’s pattern of behavior? And is someone’s rep here something that will mean more to them than $20?

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