Scammed by some kid

I was trying to transfer some MT, and got scammed by a kid named lsx Anarchy865 on xbox. I don’t think he’s here but yeah, don’t ever deal with him. I remember selling MT to him back in 2k18… You can’t trust noone nowadays bruh. It was only 60k but it’s a lot when you are restarting. I just got banned and that’s what I get lmao. Do I just report him to 2k support or what? I have to get some vengeance, right?

I got banned, scammed and my screen cracked all in one day. Just before my birthday man. What a gift lmao. That’s some crazy shit right there.

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How do u know this guy

That’s sucks man but reporting to 2k support wont help you at all considering u were transferring mt lol


I can always report him for buying MT lol. I’m pretty sure my account is perma banned, so it’s whatever


lol since you banned snitch so you can get him banned lmaaao

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Your avi seems appropriate considering the circumstances


bro you get scamme every other day stop goin first in transactions


I mean… The federer case doesn’t count lmaoo

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Sucks man , don’t go first unless he has vouches

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While you got scammed and thats wrong bro, don’t be the guy that rats out people to 2k. They don’t do us no favours so don’t do them one, let us all know like you did and cut your losses man

But if he doesn’t , he is free to enjoy his scammed profits , imo he should do both. Let the scammer not be able to swindle one of our own and not get to enjoy the game . A double whammy , it’s only fair . @OzzyMamba

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I hear you man and i can see the why he’d want to do it, I just hate helping 2k with anything and tbh they probs won’t do shit anyway. It’s also a risk you run if doing MT transactions, same as getting banned. They’d just see it as somebody who is banned trting to get another banned. I wouldn’t blame OP if he did report him, i also wouldn’t hold it against him/act any difderent towards him. Just my preference is all

How is his avi appropriate? I think that’s Frank Ocean in the profile pic

Head down?

face palm


No offence but banned guy reporting scam for transferring mt sounds funny.


Unless you opened 10 boxes and got crap cards like shake. What’s hard about earning mt playing the game I don’t get it. Either way your situation sucks try hitting GameStop for a cheap Xbox S

If he’s just a kid I say just leave it alone and make sure ppl know his name

Happy Birthday, hopefully today will be a great day for you @teqson

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