Scam Alert

@smith_j23 is a scammer I sent him money for MT 20 minutes ago and he has not answered since.

oh god :upside_down_face:

We starting real early this year huh

Apparently so bro it’s tragic

Never deal with someone who joined less than a month ago


He provided vouchers from this site lol

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I ain’t even mad

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20 minutes is a little fast to be calling someone a scammer, no?

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20 minutes is a long time not to answer someone who sent you money, especially when you were answering right away leading up to sending the money, no?

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Buyers and sellers beware. But 20 minutes is not necessarily a long time. Sometimes some emergency comes up.

@J_GAWD7 send DM to @moderators with evidence of transaction that was to take place. We messaged @smith_j23 as well.