Saying goodbye to my teams first diamond stars

It pains me to say goodbye to the three guys that got me through 500 games of Domination, TTO, and MTU.

Who have been some of your hardest players to part ways with this season?


out of those three marc gasol was the hardest to let go. atleast for me :slight_smile:

That pippen most likely will get a duo with mj and will boost value. I cant part with marc now that hes a rap lol. Im holding my pippen.

Pippen :cry:

Perfect card, only flaw was a slow release

Iggy still doing great for me. Pippen never used him tho too many goood SF’s out there but I never sell him just in case.

Kiki and Blake were the hardest

Who replaced Blake?

Gugliotta’s defense is what made me get rid of him. That card was amazing offensively, but I needed the extra defense with Josh Smith.


Zinger. Essentially I sold Blake to fund the new Kuz. So now lineup is


Is the Kuz hype real? I’ve been eyeballing that card.

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I got murdered by someone running kuz at point. He pretty much ran him like hedo; call screen, wait for suck in animation, pop a shot. Doesn’t work? Just keep calling screens until it works

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I was skeptical at first but had to try him bc the stats and badges looked amazing for under 200k. This guy is a straight savage at the 2 or 3. He can’t be stopped. That lineup I posted has hands down forced the highest rage quit percentage out of any lineup I’ve had. Usually during mid 2nd quarter if not late first. I dont use Kuz like Hedo like the guy @PTV mentioned. I use him all over the court. His slashing is unreal, jumper is butter, and post game is as good as it gets against mismatches. So many green post fades


Is this question real? Kuz is the greatest player you’ll add to your team all year. When GO Kuz comes out… :eyes:


That cornrow mello card was lights out through out all domination.

Well, I’m sold. I don’t think I’ve heard anything bad about PD Kuz.

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I had the hardest time selling granger, but I had picked him up for 200ish when he first got released and sold for 480k, had to be done lol.

ruby and diamond mitch richmond

I finally sold PD Blake today. It hurt because I’ve had him since week 1 of his release, and added a Diamond contract and shoe and all of the good badges myself. Even now he’s still one of the best bang for your buck card, but I simply don’t have enough room on my team for him anymore with Webber and Porzingod taking up all the minutes at PF.

Anniversary Magic. He was gonna be my end game PG until Magic’s GO came out but then 2K dropped his 2nd PD. I simply have no reason to keep him anymore as I can’t run both cards, but I’m holding onto him for strictly sentimental value for now. Hands down my favorite card to use this year, I’ve logged over 400 games with him and loved every second of it.

PD Magic was tough, I played around 300 with him, but it was just getting stale and I needed new life, especially since the PG spot is so important and the most used, got Gary Payton over him and used him for awhile. Decided to start stockpiling MT so i sold GP recently and he went for 230k and I’ve been running Dr. J at point and Diallo off the bench

Who did you replace Pippen with?
He still suits up for me:
AS Magic - Kobe - Worthy - AD - Tim
Payton - D Klay - Pippen - Ante - Shaq
Hill - Hakeem