Saw bunch of GOATS!

When i was in Portugal few years back :rofl:


Man I got so baited :joy:


I was like damn 2k already dropping em?


I can already hear the ambient sound of this place in my head


Lol I thought he saw something on twitter or the collections and made a thread :joy:




This is myteam community.
You can see me leaving on right upper side, along with some others on the back.

personal attack :joy:

Fed the :goat:


Today will be the best day ever of 2k20

  1. prepack anticipation
  2. panic that nothing is coming
  3. new theories on the packs
  4. combined with old theories
  5. bashing 2ks name
  6. 2 hours before packs the shit begins
  7. packs drop
    -7a: market gets destroyed if guaranteed
    -8a: everyone has goat squads by tonight
    -9a: we talk about 2k21 and endgame

-7b: prices recover if not guaranteed
-8b: we bash 2k harder than ever
-9b: everyone buys back their old team they sold before friday
10. Saturday.


LMAO!!! Great!

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I’m pretty sure they will be guaranteed goat packs but i bet that the giannis/lebron pg card will give low odds to pull and the east favourite goats will be super common (that is if they’re guaranteed packs ) hopefully they are though

I’m all for 8b if they dont come through today fook em lol I really despise 2ks shady business practices …they just happen to hold a monopoly on the video game of a sport I love :man_shrugging:

Thought we had a @Knezius bomba, but nope. We’re still waiting on @diego2k35. :rofl:

Amazing! I myself grew up in the province close to the beaches and countryside and was always around livestock, specifically goats.

We as children would always run around the farm and enjoy the smell of coffee beans roasting under the sun.

It was really fun until there was this pile of coffee beans grouped like a mound of hill a few inches to the right of the mat filled with coffee beans. As a curious child I stared at it and filled my brain with many questions like “how did this pile of coffee beans travel all the way a few inches to the right of the mat filled with coffee beans?”

I leaned closer to it and got my nose in on the action and noticed a strange and funky aroma. I couldn’t quite grasp the origin of the scent so I raised my left foot closer to it and pressed on it. To my surprise, it flattened slowly and stuck on the heel of my foot. I scratched it off out of panic until I saw a person on my left flank laughing uncontrollably.

It was my older cousin enjoying himself as he explained to me after what goat shit is.

That childhood experience is nothing though compared to the first time I heard a goat imitating a chicken:

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