Save your money. GLASS is a 4/10

The trailer is better than the actual movie.


Damnit. You just rained on my parade lol.


Still gotta see it.


man i’m very disappointed with the movie. i feel i could have done a better job. first 20 minutes was really good thou.


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The trailer made it look so good too :cry:

i\ve watched allot of horrible movies in my time but GLASS is the FIRST movie i ever fell asleep in and the only reason i kept getting back up is because it was 4DX and the chair kept vibrating. they need to redu that movie.

Still gotta watch. Individual taste in movies vary too much

I was going to see it in the theater… now I will just watch it on Kodi.

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i feel you on that but i can guarantee you that this is not what you signed up for.

Here is where Nba2kguy show up and suggest spending that money on new moments packs, wait for it.


Still want to watch Escape Room as well

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lol, i don’t even put my own money into that damn game. they get 100 for the game itself and thats it chief.

That’s sad welp if your going to the movies might as well go see Broly :smile:

bro did you change your name and image just comment on this? hahaha

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Im still going to see it. I always be my own critic when it come to movies and TV shows lol. But with this info I switch days to Sunday to see. So I can continue to grind for carmelo lol.

Nah I’ve been Broly for a while now and yeah I changed my image yesterday lol. Probably haven’t seen my name here for while that’s why you probably forgot I was exiled to planet Vampa for a bit

After watching it tonight I have to say I disagree with op. Was worth every penny and exceeded my expectations. Although op might be right by saying it’s not what everyone will expect. It was very conceptual and dialogue heavy with some fascinating points about how impressionable the mind is. Loved the ending.

Pure Glass 10/10