Save tokens for token market?


I started my team only a month and have a 99 overall team. I’ve been saving my token in case something good drops in the token market.

Do they ever drop anything besides overpriced packs in there?

Anything else I can do with tokens?

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If you are at the PD Boards
I suggest save at least 150 Tokens
Last Time they Update it was PD Ewing
He was a good C for almost a month


You don’t think Ewing is usable any more as a free card?


Ewing is definitely still usable as a free card

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Definitely Usable.
But Everyone is going cheap


Yeah Ewing is still good. I’d rather use Ewing than to spend 100k.

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I just got my second PD and chose Dikembe. I know there are cards with better badges, but this 7’2" guy with his great animations and tendencies is amazing for my play style.

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I still use dikembe


save ur tokens and buy boogie 60k mt


Me too, still on my bench for the Sixers squad.


Boogie is Cheap


Use them, will probably no more token player updates


What were some of the best things that were released in the token store earlier in the year. I’ve only see packs for 20 tokens.


There’s definitely some more token updates coming next month


Never waste tokens on those packs… unless you want a bunch of emeralds and sapphires, just save… if I would had saved earlier this year I’d be halfway through my 4th opal reward instead I’m 200 from my third


Still a good center come on

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i have used tokens to open up Emeralds and Sapphires, when i started the game. Since then i am only collecting them because we have a reach a point in the game that the token players are not worth spending tokens for. We constantly have new op cards. that bring the prices of good PD players really down. Also we r near End Game so i would bet they will throw something to the market as the game is almost done.


I was just thinking the same thing. I got 140 tokens n in pd tier. I got the guys i want already. Hoping for something new


Yessir, that is what im doing, i have 225 Tokens at the moment


I’m at 150. Without serious grinding how can I hope to reach 750 again? Even if I get 15 tokens every single day (which is a grind in and of itself), that’s still like almost 2 months.

Long story short, I’m waiting to see if they release a super OP pink diamond token reward card. Ewing is pretty solid card, maybe the next PD will be as good or better.