Save tokens for different Diamonds / PD options?

Save tokens for different Diamonds / PD options?

I’ve unlocked the Diamond board and have 161 tokens but don’t see any players that could supplant anyone on my squad. Heard good things about Cousy, Moncrief, Lucas, Hayward but none look good enough to pull the trigger.

Should I wait for them to release more options? Any recommended choices to replace someone in my line-up?

Amy Marbury / Amy Sura
Diamond Crawford / Amy Wade
Diamond Desmond / Diamond Sprewell
Amy KG / Amy Kersey
Ruby Wilt / Amy Magic

Maybe Artis but that’s about it

I was thinking the same thing, it will be a long wait before others are added though unless the community puts big pressure on 2k to update them

Yup. That’s the move unless you’re trying to get an early Opal imo.

I have Gilmore, Cousy, Hamilton and Drazen and enough tokens for 2 more Diamonds and I refuse to spend them. None of these Diamonds fit or will make my team.

I’m waiting for an update to the token market. I want to actually be able to use my Diamonds/Pink Diamonds it updated the first time in February.

The other thing to consider is whether getting to the PD market before stalling is worth it. They might add a trash diamond and some good pds to entice people to continue


It’s ridiculous and sad how bad the rewards are. Even looking through them on day 1 they just look so disappointing which is how you know it’s bad

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Day one I wasn’t as bothered because my hope was that all cards were going to be toned down this year and the power curve would be weeker. Looking at the rewards gave me hope that this was going to happen.