Save 2k MyTeam: Proposed new mode

I’m really liking this year’s gameplay. It’s very good and almost flawless (especially after the most recent shot contest patch). The MyTeam cards are great as well. Great job to 2k for that.

The only glaring problem that’s absurd and worth every complaint is that the only online 5v5 mode available is MTU and some people go 12-0 the first day. This makes it boring for those people and they lose motivation to play, and thus, they stop spending money on 2k (Anyone going 12-0 on first day is most likely a hardcore player and more likely to spend $$$ on 2k than an average player).

We all see people eventually getting the opal Giannis and quitting soon after. I don’t blame them because they have nothing to play for.

My proposed solution (either for this year’s 2k or 2k20):

A new mode called “MyTeam Competitive”.

This is a new mode where players play to gather “medals” and rank up in tiers. This is the summary of how it works:

-Everybody starts off at bronze tier and 0 medals.

-No lineup restrictions.

-Matchmaking matches you up with someone in your tier.

-Each won game nets you a certain amount of medals, depending on what tier you’re currently at.

-Each lost game means you lose a certain amount of medals, depending on what tier you’re currently at.

-*Each month there is a reset of medals if you are on at least pink diamond tier (81 or more medals). You get reset to 81 + (0.5x) medals where x refers to how much medals you have above 81. For example, if you end the season with 110 medals, your medal count after reset is 81 + (0.5(110-81)) which is 81 + 14.5 which is 95 (rounding down). All the medals that you lose as a result of this are converted to either tokens or a new currency called medals (which there is a new shop to spend medals on packs or players).

My proposed tiers and their respective medal range, along with the medal results for a win or loss in brackets.

1: 00-10 Bronze (+5 for win, -0 for loss)
2: 11-20 Silver (+4 for win, -1 for loss)
3: 21-30 Gold (+3 for win, -1 for loss)
4: 31-40 Emerald (+2 for win, -1 for loss)
5: 41-50 Sapphire (+2 for win, -2 for loss)
6: 51-60 Ruby (+1 for win, -2 for loss)
7: 61-70 Amethyst (+1 for win, -3 for loss)
8: 71-80 Diamond (+1 for win, -4 for loss)
9: 81-99 Pink Diamond (+1 for win, -5 for loss)
10: 100+ Galaxy Opal (+1 for win, -6 for loss)

(Each increase in 10 medals, there will be an additional -1 medal loss per loss. For example, at 111 medals, it will be +1 for a win, and -7 for a loss. At 121 medals, it will be +1 for win, and -8 for a loss.)

There is a leaderboard of top 200 medal counts in the world on the screen when you go to the mode.

This allows players something to play for and allows the community of 2k to thrive. For example, a good player can become known for topping the leaderboard consistently and his strategies can be scouted by those who play him. This gets everybody more involved and makes the game more competitive and enjoyable. You’re also guaranteed to match with someone at your skill level which makes the game more enjoyable for everybody and thus people will spend more money on 2k if they enjoy it.

This model can be extended to include All-Time teams. Exact same model, except there is a leaderboard for each team (each player starts off as bronze tier for every team) and in order to get medals for a particular team, you must have a lineup with all cards belonging to that team before starting a MyTeam Competitive game. This will give increased value to cards (example: PD Larry Bird will likely be a staple of every All-Time Celtic team).

If someone knows someone at 2k or wants to send this in, go ahead and do so. I don’t even want any credit, just want the beautiful gameplay of this game to be paired with semi-decent management.



I stopped reading at the second line:
“(The game) is very good and almost flawless”

Pretty sure it’s not :joy:


Lol I’ll save complaining for the likes of you and 90% of the forum. Proposing something constructive and 2k is currently in the least flawed state it’s ever been imo. I didn’t say flawless, I said almost. I choose my words carefully ;).


But if 90% of the guys are complaining doesn’t that mean the game is quite far away from flawless? Just saying

Similar to 2k17 MTO

With all do respect, op, this game is a fucking mess. Half broken. Kudos to you for trying to propose something constructive, but you must be new around here. This company could give two shits what you or anyone else thinks. Everyone thinks they’re so great with this shot contest patch, but they had it earlier in the year, only to take it away two days later, without ever giving any feedback or notifications.

The one and only reason that they brought it back again is to sell these 3rd series 20th Anniversary packs with a bunch of small guards in them. The game has suffered all year without it.

They want people trapped in a one dimensional game mode where they can control everything with the equalizer and bullshit algorithms. The sooner you realize that this company is just one big scam artist, the better off you’ll be.


So everyone gon cry about how bad they suck at the game and not the idea in the first post?

Great idea OP. No excuse for this mode to not have constant updates.

Saved the complaining for “the likes of us” :joy: if 2k is really into taking feedbacks from their customers it wouldn’t be this mess that we are forced to face upon today lol

Game is a masterpiece to me. Having a blast best 2k I played and I been playing since Dreamcast.

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I’m all for a new 5v5 game mode idc what it is please 2k we need at least one more mode next year


Im down for Supermax to come back. Just not enough to do in this mode and its every year.

Supermax was cool just far too many pay to win options. Like how is ruby rex chapman worth more salary than perfect lebron and mj day one

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Yeah it needs some fine tuning but a salary cap mode would be right on time.

Who said anything about sucking at the game? There’s a lot of good players that complain about this shit. We all know how great you think it is with your cheesin’ ass, nothing to see here.

Salary cap was never meant to keep lineups diverse and limit god squads. It only served to sell more packs by starting brand new cards with minimal salary. It should just be by tier and it would work better.

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Bruh go get some fresh air every post youre raging about the game. Enough already lol

Exactly. All things point back to the almighty dollar. That’s all they care about.

This whole game mode is to make money. Im not dropping hundreds on VC. Some suckers will thats on them. Just give us more modes.

Ugh I know. They lied about that before release and it was such a disappointment.


Fresh air, huh? That’s a good one now.

In all seriousness, to call this game a “masterpiece” is ridiculous, but it is your opinion, and you’re entitled to it.

But to say that anyone with a differing opinion “sucks at the game” is just a joke, especially when you’re by far in the minority.

Anyway, not trying to hijack the thread, so I’ll move on.