Savage moments

So I’m chilling, playing some dom (ik im lazy asf never finished) and im full court pressing the cpus john wall when he bumps off and falls to the ground injured…i laughed and threw a self alley with magic. Whats yalls most savage moments?

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When I beat a Russian cheeser (laughing Putin in the logo) despite him pulling every dirty trick in the book and trying so fucking hard. Dude lost it in the fourth and started insulting me so I reported him to Sony. Hope he got banned.


What did he say

Something along the lines of “you are trash without your money” and “stupid animal”


Dropping 24 points in 3 minutes with Kobe:

Dropping 21 points on PD Giannis with a gold Muggsy Bogues (opponent had to off-ball me):

Hitting 45 3-pointers against the CPU with JR Smith


Lol mugsy looks like a child

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wow, offballing with PD giannis against a 4’8 muggsy bogues…that’s hard…


I hung 52 and 21 rebs with 98 Diamond Shaq on 2K17 online lol

Everyone is trash without their money.

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That loser has to be enshrined in the 2KG hall of shame.

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Whenever I play TTO I get pretty savage. There are so many cheesers, I can’t help myself but make Wilt start falling down near the end of the game once their cheese has been grated.

Bumping into someone in TTO and the guy was on the ground for a good ten seconds …the game was still going …2 on 3 for ten seconds lol

One from today- scoring 95 points with JR in MTU.

Most fun thing for me is to humiliate those full-court press cheesers.

Most of them expect you to instantly jack it up whenever you get pas half court and seeing them desperately trying to cover the open man and jump for pump fakes is hillarious.

Full court-press doesn’t work against a team where everyone has 95+ speed and accel.

Ive got abt 20 clips saved of savage plays that led to rage quits. Soon as they quit off a dope dunk or whatev i save the clip. Im gonna eventually go in and edit all of em n make a mixtape. But my best was in tto w pd giannis. In 3 straight possesions 1st time down giannis dunks on dude steals ball alley to himself off the back board wide open steals the ball again there is guy in the lane i throw it off the backboard again n catch n dunk on dude and dude quits. It was nice

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I’ve run an unnamed 3-pt play that often takes 8-ish seconds to develop, especially for low-strength players, in the waning seconds of a game when i’m down 2. I have at least one clip saved where, maybe 2-3 seconds before I make the pass, I said “Steph’s gonna be open” (my commentary not included in the clip) and called game from the corner :sunglasses:

i dunno if ive ever considered anything ive done in a virtual game savage lmao

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U aint living right then fam :joy::joy::joy:

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i was gunna say something like pouring up ur leftover coors in the backseat into ur large soda cup when the k9 unit roll up next to u is savage

then again double tapping the mf triangle button is pretty sávage too when u do it right huh

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