Sauce Gang: Pistolwhip Pete and Big Game Gunnin' (ft KAJ)

Bandz might make her dance, but these bois a make ya do the chickenhead like Chingy

And you know KAJ is cleaning up the kitchen so they can focus on the SAUCE

Hittin with the Jweezy at 3:38


nice…now do this versus comp on mtu

I got smoked by a godly dribbler who used pete in mtu before

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Not good enough . . . . . . . .yet

Probably never will be lol

But Pete is the truth

Straight saucing with a Joan Jett haircut


I’m really contemplating ditching all these demigods with inferior animations for players with greater ones…

It’s insanely fun

You just know that whoever you’re playing has NEVER faced that card before lol

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fax it really hurt losing to a dude using “worse” cards plus he onballed most of the game

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Oh it straight hurts your pride

Nothing funner that saucing someone with a “shitty” card

Second funnest is hittin em with the Kriss Kross–make em jump jump!

I’ll hold the ball under the basket for 20 seconds idgaf–keep jumping lol.


Is that multiple behind the back a part of Pete’s animations?

Or can it be done with anyone?

Yes he has one of the better behind the back packages in the game

Not everyone can get that animation with short quick rapid slips behind the back

The large, bouncing behind the back to lateral hesi combos can be done by most, but his animation creates much more lateral movement than most players

Rex lowkey better

he has momentum spin and better low post d than pete


Lmao nice

I’m running Rex and 12 bronzes

12-0 here I come


Behind the back half spin like it bro. I do that move too…I’ll be The tmac stealing moves from Kobe

Wtf Rex and 12 bronzes :laughing::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You silly weezy

Btw I’m still pumping up TC4

It’s my fantasy or gaming music

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I was always go back n use Rex… I tried him when he released. I rarely make my way back to cards but these threads temp me. @dnttalktomeh respect u are fam

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