SAS: Kawhi said "Somebody tell LeBron to stop being scared to guard me”

SAS: Kawhi said "Somebody tell LeBron to stop being scared to guard me”

Before we get to that let me take it back to 2014 Finals, where LeBron looked like he want no business with Kawhi

Look at his reaction to Kawhi entering the court:

SAS Source: Kawhi said "Somebody tell LeBron to stop being scared to guard me”

I know that it’s Stephen A Smith and it might not be 100% accurate but anyone who watched the Clippers Lakers Christmas game could see that LeBron ran away from guarding Kawhi, even if he didn’t say it somebody should’ve.



Lou said it was :billed_cap:


You dug deep for the video. Good stuff , I love it


I’ma just leave these here



Even Lou Will himself said that’s cap.

Nice thread Shoko.


That’s funny. But it’s still probably true during the regular season for most elite offensive players he faces. Everyone knows LeBron doesn’t like playing D during the regular season at this stage of his career. It’s his form of load management.

How about Leonard guards Harden for once or it’s too much smoke lmfo.


I can’t wait to see how this thread turns out considering Kawhi hasn’t played defense at all this year.

LeBron is a better player, passer, defender, scorer and rebounder than Kawhi. Wins more and plays more.

Where was this when Kawhi was glued to PJ Tucker while Harden wiped his ass with his team? Stephen A back making up shit again.

Can you stop embarrassing yourself?
I’m dead serious here.
It’s not even funny anymore.


Media paints the picture and people eat up.

Gonna be funny when Clippers finish 4th or so due to Leonard’s load management then get rekt in second (or even 1st) round.

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It is a lock that this thread will turn out as a lock.

Agreed Lebron is better at all of this, but I am sure I have read somewhere that Kawhi has the best winning percentage in the league?

Edit: Probably out of active players

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I, unfortunately, think that this postseason is going to be decided by injury.

  • PG looks healthy, but Kawhi is hiding something behind load management.
  • AD almost gets stretchered off almost once a game.
  • Lebron has been very fortunate so far in his career, and although he is looking good at the moment, father time has to get him at some point.
  • I also think that the rockets best chance is if RWB isn’t on the court.

This is the most exciting season for me in a long time and all I want is a fair fight with no excuses from anyone.

Shoukd Leonard even be classified as active? (checks his load management’s schedule)

Jordan vs Kawhi

Haha ok, fair point but I think non retired is what was implied.

Last years playoffs was a great underdog story of Kawhi and the Raptors taking out the Warriors, but it was such a let down that he had it easy with all the injuries.

For what?

What if Kawhi is in 90’s NBA

If your asking could he compete in the 90s? then definitely.

If your asking if he is on the same level or near it to Jordan then no.

Edit: In my opinion

Ok I cant wait see Luka drop 46 on Kawhi then Kawhi defense is ass if happens