Sapphire Lonzo Ball

Did anybody else with God squads pick him up? He even attempted to baptize Diamond KD.


He tries to get posters but fails for me always miss the dunk

Look at his +/- compared with the other two pictured though

Replaced my PD Ginobli with him off the bench.

This card can be a nightmare in the right hands

yeah I also replaced my Manu with him at bench PG

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I really wish they’d update his dunk package, that’s why he misses so many despite his ratings


I had won by like 30 so I couldn’t tell a difference

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Just bodied Diamond KAJ

That Card is a beast.

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I was about to pick him up, what badges would you guys put on him?

Picked him up for 3500mt. Honestly wasn’t that impressed other than he can post up smaller PGs. Maybe I need to badge him up.

Hit the search bar there was a thread yesterday on badging

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First game online i had 20pts 15ast

Not sure if any of you figured it out yet but the Sapphire Lonzo/Ruby Tyson Chandler lob cheese is real lol

Lonzo: 99 alley oop pass tendency
(Add the lob city passer badge)

Tyson: 99 alley oop tendancy
(Add brick wall and lob city finisher badges)

The ball goes up so high wtf lol, I had like 8 lob connects in the first game :rofl:


I’ll have to try this🤔

Get on it boys have a crack and lemme know how it goes @MChris6

Hey bro. Just wanted to let you know. That is not how you spell “sapphire” … Sapphire Lonzo Ball

Oh cool. I’m going to try out this combo in offline at least, just cuz the Contracts are cheap. And I’ve never been good at alley-oops, in the sense of executing them or even recognizing the opening for them.

I knew I spelled it wrong just never bothered to change it

This card is awesome in the right hands. I will sell Magic when they drop MJ so behind Oscar I will just use this Zo I think. Defense, passing and speed, just like irl.
Btw I dont get it, why they gave him op slashing. His free throws are accurate, I glad they did more realistic moments this year.