Saphire Lonzo

I wanted to try him out, so I’ve been using him for TTO for my Harden run and holy shit, this dude is amazing. His animations are great and when he gets a better card, hes gonna be a must cop.


Yes Bro Budget Beast

That card is a budget beast , floor general and he posters people if he gets a good run to the rim

If he gets an Amy it’s game over

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What do you guys do with him that makes him so good? ISO with him because his dribble moves are so good? He launches for dunks from a long distance?

I tend to only really use PG’s as facilitators so he doesn’t seem so remarkable to me, even for a Sapphire.

He has great playmaking stats and defense.

For some I reason I love his release in the game. Miss the 2k18 PD Lonzo :smile:

Size, speed, defense. Playmaking is known, and I dont know why, he is a great slasher in the game.