Sam Pham bringing the juice this week

His defensive settings vid was very helpful this year, you can’t just apply universal settings this year and be successful against the better pick and pop cheesers.

Side note: try to snipe the playbooks he uses in his vid as there will be a lot of people trying to get those plays

the dude is a master but he digging like no one else

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True, the defense video was great

I stop watching him cause his tips doesn’t work against top players, it’s awesome vs the CPU. This is why he doesn’t post any videos going against People online.


Yeah his defensive on ball settings caused me to lose 6 in a row. Went back to my own settings and won 15 straight


I found that out quickly last year. He helped me discover a few money plays but his settings are geared towards play now or offline play.


I thought I would be the only one who doesnt like his content recently.

I just watch his money plays and free lances