Sam Perkins VS world b free (Amethyst rewards)

Who would you pick and why?

I feel Sam is more unique because Kenny smith is pretty comparable to world.

World Be Free is exceptional dunker and gets a sharp takeover on top of it? Say less.

Perkins got one of the smallest green window releases and is very hit and miss on his 3s. Don’t even use him anymore.

World B Free. Kenny isnt comparable imo. World dunks everything. Plus i gave mine hof range so that makes him even better

World B Free kinda disappointed me. Too slow and lacks defense

Perkins is still in my lineup

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Perkins’ shot release has a weird hitch that’s really tough to time with the button. And he’s too short to guard giants like Porzingis or Smits in the paint. Big Smooth was a solid enough card before Porzingis came out but now he’s just outdated.

World B Free is still a great all around offensive card you just have to hide him on someone who doesn’t have quick first step when he’s on defense.

On the topic of stretch bigs, who’s a good replacement for Perkins?

I used Perkins at the 4 until I got Horford & Mikan. Almost never missed the corner 3 with him, he was money (stick shooter).

KP, Webber, Mikan would be ideal. I have a Giannis with HOF catch n shoot that I would even use