Safe to say Overdrive was a bust?

There’s 1 Timmy D, 1 IT, and 2 Cousins up right now, on a Sunday night, a day after they came out.

No one spending $$$ this promo,i think its because this promo sucks and everyone saving up MT for MJ signature packs next week

So the market never crashed? I’m off on vacation in Indonesia, so I haven’t been on.

Hands down the worst set this year.


Agreed, at least considering this time of the year.

Opposite to last year, they went with the idea of featuring a few ‘pack sellers’ in every set and filling them with less desirable cards. It looks like they run out of fan favourites for this one and they had to use some boring cards that nobody wants. Also, hinting that we’re getting Jordan soon was a stupid move the day after new packs had been released.

It would make sense for 2K to release some good playoff moments cards Mon/Tues and perhaps some throwbacks on Thursday make up for missed sales over the weekend.

I think they had inventory to unload and put a bunch of them in this set. They could have had a few of these cards ready for several promos now but decided to hold onto them. They couldn’t seriously have built these cards this late in the year thinking they would do anything.

They made this promo in the single hope enough Iverson fans will buy it up to get that PD.

We know a WIlt and MJ (multiple probably) are coming. This set is the equivelant of a card dump in Cards Against Humanity where you just unload a junk card that will never win.

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The main packsellers here was supposed to be Timmy and fan favourites DMC and JRich. Others - Zeke, Lou Hudson, B.King are either too old to really get those younglings involved (Hudson, King) or too small even when popular (Zeke).

Add to that small upgrades to DMC and JRich plus the fact that Timmy was superb, but he (imo) aint that popular with the youngest generation as he was never really vocal and he was always the good guy = bust promo.

Let’s not forget about the fact Duncan looks like a potato. I know I keep saying this, but why didn’t they use the PD model?

ultimate bust. making an undersized sg the pink diamond reward at this point and when you created an arcade game where size is all, then you should be able to see that coming.
the cards are either undersized, not good enough or simply dudes no one care about. on top of that, news has spread that odds are borderline crimimnal. people don’t want to get silvers and golds for buying DAMN EXPENSIVE packs for 10k each. simply as that.

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I don’t know about the odds… I opened one 21 box and scored 3 diamonds- Hudson, Dwight Howard and a contract.

wow. 3 diamonds in a 20 pack box+topper? most I’ve gotten was 2. Both were Coach Pop.

Correct. That’s the best luck I’ve had since last year when I pulled diamond Kobe and Kawhi from one box of Playoff Performers.

Yeah but most people got only trash or one great Box out of 5 Boxes they bought

I can’t look at that Bernard King without laughing… they give every card crazing 3pt ratings this year but when it came time to release the diamond Bernard 2k went “let’s scale back the 3pt rating” man dropped 10 pts from last year making that card completely unusable.


How much is J Rich on ps4?

Duncan is EXTREMELY expensive :sob:

For some it has nothing to do with Duncan’s popularity and more to do with the fact this card does not fit in with the games meta, AND better options have been released in the previous 3 promos for a center.

Kareem and Hakeem are clearly better C options. For most, Porzingas and Sabonis are better options.

And playing Duncan at the 4, with that outside shot and swb, is a huge detriment to your offense.

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I believe Duncan is better than Kareem and Sabonis in any case.