Safe bets?

I’m in Atlantic City for a couple of days. I’m getting crushed at the tables but wouldn’t mind killing some time tonight betting on the games. Anyone have any advice or safe bets?

no safe bet but clippers +2 is positive ev

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Nets -2
Clippers +2

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Good looks. Yeah not many great games today but they’ve got the entire sportsbook here might look at some other things other than the spread

The nets are a good team, well coach and at home. The public money is on the pistons which i like and its their 3rd game in 4 nights.

I really like nets -2

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I also like jazz -3. Little scary that rubio and neto are out but they are at home and always play okc tough. Seems like a good spot with okc not playing their best ball / pg13 banged up

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Appreciate it, I really needed to find something to do after losing my planned budget in the first day and a half

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Hope you took nets lol

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Whoever took cavs tonight might win big lol. Ibaka just got kicked out. .shits getting fiesty lol

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I didn’t grab the Nets bet like I should of but the Clippers looking good rn :+1:

Yup lookin like a 3-1 night for me. Took wiz too. Jazz were disappointing


Nice you guys are good at betting :smile:

It’s “illegal” in the state I’m live so I usually don’t take part, but I’m in New Jersey so I said f*ck it. One more day to run it back tomorrow, I’ll post some of the betting options they have.

Thinking about taking the Bulls. Anybody see anything else?

@YuBuuBuu any advice from the pro?

I just had Miami Wake over and Miami ML parlay. That hit luckily

i wouldnt suggest betting on these college games tbh. I dont know enough and these games are such a coin fliip

If you do want to bet this next game tho id say go GA tech

i wont know NBA til later

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Bet over on the Blackhawks games. I’ve won over 5k betting safely on that since I don’t follow the NHL and I started late on the streak.


yeah blackhawk overs are insane right now

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count cards.You will never lose. Watch the movie 21 like your life depended on it. Then work on your fighting skills so you can escape successfully.

Edit: Nvm I saw it was for basketball games not game games lol. Saw AC and thought card games.

Actually had an unreal day at the Spanish 21 tables so just walked away while I was ahead but I’ll be back in the casinos by 7 eastern for the games