Sad to see ya go

…Opal Paul George, but for 650k I had to do it. :joy: my question for you guys is; should I try and snag melo tonight?? Or pick up PD Kobe to hold me off until Tuesday. I’ve been impatient on my last few purchases, and luckily I made some extra MT back on this resale, but that’s not always the case.

I wouldn’t sell PG for Kobe, even for the extra MT

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Nah I’m not getting Kobe, I want GO Melo. But I’m saying, should I pick up PD Kobe since he’s cheap, and wait to get melo during the “crash” on Tuesday? Will he drop much lower you think. Just want someone new to try out to hold me over till then lol.

Melo ain’t coming down for a while bro

Well if they drop bird or something in packs on Tuesday, he will get pulled even more. Kareem dropped to 200-300 this tuesday

He’ll come down on Tuesday. These throwback packs make 2k good money so they’ll keep putting heat in them


No doubt there’s gonna be some fire coming, and melo will be in packs still for the first hour or two.

I hear ya, but look at Kawhi… his price has actually risen. And this is most definitely the best Melo we’re gonna get, and he’s a fan favorite. I guess his price could drop a little, but I don’t see it falling for long

It will be a temporary drop for now. Kareem bounced back.

PD Kobe

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Better than nothing lol, I’m off Tuesday’s so I figure maybe I can get him for a bit cheaper. Just wanted to see what you guys thought, if I should wait or just say fuck it and grab him tonight. Trying to be wiser with my MT.

Whatever the case, you’ll definitely need to save that MT my guy.

Get Tobias Harris. The poor man’s Carmelo

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Hahaha I have PD melo but the opal is a fuckin problem man

And as much as I tried to love PG, he didn’t work out for me. And I made back over 100k

GO PG13 one of my favorite cards.

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His jumper so easy to green

Best time to get melo is when
they release the new Playoff Throwbacks.

He will be pulled more that time :innocent:

I just put up my melo hoping to get him back a bit cheaper Tuesday if it’s real heat

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Fuck I been drinking and I just paid 500 for melo definitely overpaid but fuck it