Sad Day, Sad Day..... I just got scammed

So basically, someone hit me up on reddit and showed me that he has 103 positive sell ratings on eBay. I decided to trust him and went first. Long story short, I lost 450k mt. I was selling the mt so I can buy Minecraft Java but of course, some fucking bum had to ruin my day. Chat logs:


This shit is disgusting. So sorry dawg


I know it’s a game, but it just hurts to lose something you spend months to ear


That feeling always sucks and I’m sorry this happened to you.

But man, you GOTTA sell here and ONLY here. There’s like a billion MT buyers/ sellers here, with more than enough rep to feel safe doing business with. :white_check_mark:


bruh i know that dude, hes active on a 2k discord, gonna block that dude rn

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Can you spread awareness to that discord? I’m pretty sure he has scammed others before since he had 1.7 million mt


sure thing man, i hate those scammers as much as anyone else here

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Exactly! Honestly this site is really good for buying and selling MT. THe best!! ive had guys even warn me about other users. a real good community feel here. and many trust worthy sellers and buyers


How you think he got all that mt?
Sorry for the loss

people suck man smh

Sry to hear man

What are you guys sorry for? The person who should be sorry is the scammer. Oh well, life moves on.


We feel bad that u got scammed…

This is why I don’t want to go first as a seller but nobody seems to understand that lmao

sorry for your experience bro. you can always get scammed no matter how sage you play but i wouldn’t be giving a damn for a guy’s ebay score.

I wouldn’t trust anyone unless they are here and have plenty of people to vouch and maybe some other kind of proof like screenshots. In 2021 you gotta be careful trusting people.

I hate that happen to you and that people would do that knowing people sell mt for money to either take care of their family, bills, etc and doing wrong dont get you no where but bad luck. Everytime I buy mt which I spent alot of mt.:grin:but I try to support my 2kgamers and seeing thus hurt.


Never go first but if you have to, never give up the whole thing.

I think from now on, it’d be better for the customer to pay first. By paying first, it shows that the buyer is actually able to complete the transaction and that they’re not stalling or lying. The seller would also need to show proof that they have the mt.

Haven’t bought MT but seems like several small transactions would be the move. Annoying but safer I would think.