Sabonis standing dunk?

I just picked up Sabonis again, tried him in Freestyle and to my surprise he was doing standing dunks(which he couldn’t do before). I then tried him again after picking up diamond Russ and he no longer standing dunks. This has to be a joke :joy::joy:

Would the difficulty in freestyle make a difference?

I don’t think so, I always put the difficulty on all star to get a representation of supersweat anyways lol

He doesn’t dunk in game. But otherwise is crazy good. Just acknowledge that you can’t dunk if he isn’t alone under the rim, instead use his hof dimer and cherrypick someone under the rim and splash

Sabonis dunks for me all the time dudes a beast. He grabs hella boards and hits his open shots not to mention his HoF Dimer is op

I haven’t been focused on it but pretty sure he hasn’t standing dunked in game for me.

Without a doubt, he doesn’t have general tendency to do it. I took out Whiteide for Sabas and don’t regret it but Whiteside would load up and yam from a standstill outside the paint.

He dunks off the drive, that’s true!

Oh trust me ik. I have diamond Russ & sabonis together, pure cheese. Last night I was playing supersweat and he actually did a standing poster dunk on Amy Demarcus. This game is so weird