Sabonis or Smith

Current lineup. Not going for any Opal Token Cards. Should I pick up Josh Smith or Sabonis???

You have the top bigs in the game.
Sabonis will complete it :innocent:


sabonis is goated

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Who you replacing?

I think I’m gonna get Sabonis and sell KAJ for KD.

Don’t sell KAJ he goated

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Everyone on my team is goated :roll_eyes:. Josh Smith holds a spot in my heart but I know Sabonis is broken.

I had to make this decision for my 5th and final pd. Went with Sabonis and haven’t regretted it at all. It was a very tough decision though.

Went with Sabonis thanks guys


How is he? I can’t wait to unlock him. 30 tokens away.

Release is money as always. Feels really fast. He’s made some post fades for me that ended up being 3s so that pretty wild.

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