Sabonis Missing Open Shots - It sucks 😣

Oh yeah the duo. You are right I’m gonna give sabonis another chance later gotta focus him on MTU

Or should I put open 3 point shoes on him?

Yesterday against hard core off-baller…

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Wow good for you he shot consistenly.
What shoes did u give him?

I have a orange CP3 on him.

I might be biased as i love the guy and i’m old enough to watched him in Olimpics and in his PTB days.

This card( with this year gameplay)is one of the most fun cards ever…and i used a few.

He’s my focal point in offense, main playmaker and sometimes shooter (vs C off-ballers)
Try him in Princeton Chin freelance + NYK playbook and he will eat.

Thanks man!
I’ll do that
I use him too as facilitator in the knicks playbook.
gotta try that freelance though

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If you like a card a lot but it starts to play bad suddenly, take it out of your lineup for a few days before you sell it. I do this every time a card “loses the juice”, and it plays back to normal after I reinstate it in my lineup after a short while. I’m fairly convinced it’s part of the “player engagement algorithm”… basically making you want to try different cards. I actually have 2-3 different lineups I rotate every few days to keep this effect from happening. It all could very well be placebo, but I swear it’s working for me.


Did you try Fist21Deley on that playbook calling for him, when he goes to the top of the arc?:grin:

Thanks man! I’ll take him out abit then put him back later :innocent:

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That screen on the sideline? I forgot he have that play will try that later :rofl:


Thanks man! I’ll do my best to bring him up to his full potential :innocent:

In PC freelance all you have to do basically, is to give him a ball in the paint, press left bumper and you’ll have either a shooter open or PG/ wings cutting to the rim.

And if you got Wilt, what DRob can bring you to the table?

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Yeah you are right. I’m gonna watch some youtube for princeton chin.

I’ll try wilt at PF and Drob at C :innocent:

Tbh, if you grind so many tokens to get Wilt, Sabonis at the bench might be a unnecessary luxury.
Porzingis is a same animal in shooting terms and is 6x cheaper.:thinking:

I don’t grind token I just lock the HC for wilt.
Yeah porzingis is great maybe I’ll put him back in my line up. Although it’s hard to play him at C maybe I’ll put him at PF with wilt a C

^We wrote this i believe 5+ times total in this forum and there was in 2kmtc as well.

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Last week i couldn’t hit a garage door with JR.
I drop him from my squad, replacing with Maravich/Hayward (what a card btw!) and he’s back to normal again.

Do you have davis right?
I’m thinking of picking him up to put beside Sabonis.
I’m using bob love at the moment he is really good.

I use both and think they are the best big-men couple in the game so far.

Thanks man I think I’ll do that combo :innocent: