Sabonis Missing Open Shots - It sucks 😣

He was a consistent 60% shooter from 3.

However, this weekend he misses many open shots usually 2-3 times per game it sucks :pensive:

Do you guys experience this too or not?

Replace him with THIS card on April 1st


Yes bro definitely gotta get dirk!

I also have a feeling that the next signature series would be a big man :thinking:

Juice running out

Maybe it’s time to sell :thinking:

Yeah it’s been


In that order (I believe)

Honestly could be a SF too but I can’t really think of any true legendary SF that haven’t been represented with PD’s yet (Pippen, Bird, Kawhi, Grant Hill, Worthy, Dr. J). They could surprise us though

Sell now, like i said this card ran out of juice for me same time as you… I really dont think this is coincidence that we were both so consistent with him and now bricking…

2k must be doing sth behind the scenes cos this aint right. 67% 3 point shooter starts bricking for me too… 410k is a good sell tho. Sell quickly i dont think his price will stay this high…

Yeah you are right man everything is possible.
I do hope it would be a dirk or a dRob too many SF and Guards right now.

Yes bro will sell him what time in US should i target?

Same here, that’s why I sold him last Monday /Thursday.

Okay I’ll sell him today I’m just disappointed :pensive:
I played so many games so many chances for him to hit those open shots

We seriously lacking the 4 … im currently using Larry as a stretch 4… Laettner/Blake/AD/Porzingis all missing something at the 4…

Porzingis too weak gets hammered in the post
Laettner not bad just feels sth missing
AD… i hate his post animations, some of the worst in the game
Blake still good for the time being.


You are right but I’ll take a Dirk or Drob.
Also If PD Porzingis would have a buffed strength

i dunno now but i sold him today Sunday arvo 1pm est us time for 410k… i usually do my big value cards Sunday between 12-2pm est i find max profit…

I flipped a Gervin for 160k and Shaq for 350k same time i sold Sabonis for 410k

That’s great man I’ll take a 350K profit if possible

Mine was 388K naked.

Wow great sell bro :innocent:

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Yeah at his time he was the ONLY one at AH.
Got lucky

I think I’m gonna hold for a day? possible giannis tomorro

I strongly belive in "first week juiced card/nerfing after theory, but advice you to think twice befor selling him.

For me his still a beast, and future duo (Drexler, Porzingis?) might made him even better card.