Ryan Hollins Players Club

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The one I’ve been waiting for. Hopefully he spits hot takes when he’s on the floor.


first code i’m not putting in

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Not gonna bother with this. Thanks 2k.

Wow, actually got the PD when it’s fucking Ryan Hollins :rofl:

Better respect and put a contract and shoe on him

Me too

HA had no idea this was possible.


Yeah I got the PD. Maybe better odds this time around on these players club codes.

Why Rubyyyyy

Bruh out of all these codes and this is the only non amy I get

Same here. Got the PD. They would boost the worst code’s odds lmao

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A guy who averaged 3.7 PPG & 2.2 RPG for his career, career high 19 points but gets a 97 overall. Sums up this mode.


Got PD yes!

Tacko fall getting an opal sums up the mode and every center being able to shoot threes also sums it up :joy:


Exactly, they gotta go back to when your C isn’t the best dribbler or shooter in the team.

Need to go back to 2k15 where some element of realism is involved in the stats

Got the worst version of everything with the players that had good opals and they give me the better version of a trash card… thanks 2k

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I got the PD…2K really juiced the odds for THIS card. Lmao

Of course they juice it for this card… My god they are some shady fucks.

I got the PD too.