Russia invading Ukraine

Why is noone taking about this ? Smh it’s not out of the question that were all gonna partake in this willingly or otherwise …where do y’all stand ?

Russia bad Ukraine gud

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Everyone’s talking about it on social media but not on here because its probably not something they feel like talking about here.
There was a video I seen earlier though that someone posted and shared on Facebook of one of the jets shooting missiles and the guy who recorded it was in his house when he recorded it.
Its a shame what’s going on and likely to cause a big war.


I wonder if we have guys from Ukraine here.
I’m from Germany and I’m worried that this war will spread over Europe.

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Russia would be crazy to attack NATO. I am in Slovakia, so a bit scared as well, but I really doubt it’s gonna happen, even they have to know they don’t have the capacities to fight against all.

If it happens though, then goodbye world.

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NATO is a JOKE I am sorry.

1st Al-Asad is imprisoning and gassing his own people, so they try to hit him, he calls his buddy Putin and they (NATO) all ran like puppies outta town.

Now Ukraine getting demolished in the literal sense and no one is doing anything.

The only way to do anything against someone like Putin is to help Ukraine instead watching it go in flames. But alas, not our problemo.

I agree they are a joke, but if it spreads through the NATO borders, it’s gonna be a different situation.

Even most of the Russian citizens don’t want this, but their government is ran by Russian mafia, that was already arresting it’s citizens for protests.

This is gonna be literal nightmare more and more every day, Kyiv got close to 3mil citizens and most of them ready to die for their country, so pretty much a lot of civilians gonna die for no reason while the world stud and watched and did nothing.

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I don’t see how this can be stopped without a military intervention, but as soon as Europe or NATO send troops, there will be even more chaos worldwide.

Unfortunately if a leader (Putin) does not care about one’s people, or at least their opinion, and they have enough nukes, there is little that can be done. Unless there is a financial stranglehold that really affects his partners, nothing will stop him. Putin is smart as he picked a time where the US is as weak as it ever has due to so much infighting. While easily can be wrong, not sure I see any strong leadership in Europe either.

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Ukraine right now is winning, but things can chance anytime, i dunno about nukes talk, that’s very different thing to talk about, but if Nato send their troops Russia would just get back in NO TIME. They already having issues fighting as it is.

The issue is always the threat. It is hard for NATO to get in a direct conflict with a person who has nukes without any morality. When the US or Europe is in a war, they still need to answer to the people. If enough do not want it, they will elect those of similar opinion. Not sure this follows in Russia at this time. However, I will admit I am not even close the most knowledgeable on what is going on.

The thing is, everyone thought Putin was just tryna show off, he had his troops at the Ukraine boarders for months, so NATO and the rest thought he’s just there for the kicks, the world is very different these past 2 days, i wont be surprised if there’s intervention, the UK right now sound most serious if anything. German’s have like very little military.

Those Russian soldiers are going to be torched by homemade Molotov cocktails once they actually hit the streets near the capital buildings.

Lithuania preparing to sue Putin in Haga for war crimes.

Well lets be honest here, the US is quick to go to places like Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria to “liberate” people but now that Russia has bullied its way into the Ukraine, no one in Government is saying we need to send our forces there because at the end of the day, America wants no part of Russia because things have shifted since the end of WW2 and I doubt if Allies will be quick to join in this fracas if it comes to that which means the US is on an island all alone.

Nah man, I’m from Ukraine (livr in Canada now ) and I can tell you if Putin moves on NATO country he will be smoked immidiately , and he knows that , it ain’t happen imo

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I hope this ends soon and doesn’t escalate any further. So sad.

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NATO just activated its fast reaction group troops 1st time in its history, so we might possibly wake up in WW3 tomorrow.


Let’s pray this won’t happen. But the last two years taught us that nothing is impossible :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: