Russell Westbrook's new outfit



The 30 for 30 on Westbrook’s career will be called 10 for 30


I like Westbrook, but that was a good one.

saw on twitter and had to repost lol

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Man being a thunder fan is sooo damn disappointing. When they’re playing well, they’re hard to beat. They move the ball, play solid D. But this series has been unbearable to watch. Russ is my favourite player but hes playing like garbage. Chucking up shots, playing lackluster D, just terrible. This team will never go for if major changes arent made.

Russ needs to take a backseat to PG

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Even to schroder at this point. This man is consistently shooting below 30% from the field. Absolutely unacceptable for the volume of shots hes taking.

thunder need a headcoach who is not afraid to bench westbrook if he’s taking bad shots like a maniac.
and it’s getting kind of absurd to see how often russ drives to the basket like a locomotive without having a plan. you can sometimes tell that his brain goes offline.

but they need a new coach for sure.

Popovich would tear him a new one if he played like that on the Spurs