Russell Westbrook

So what is going to happen to Westbrook? Will the Lakers keep him or let him go?

I like Westbrook but at times he’s his own worst enemy and he still hasn’t figured out how to give up the ball and get teammates involved and he still can’t shoot a decent % from the field.

Don’t even care one bit. Never liked him as a player or as a person.

Nobody wants him without draft picks attached. I’m not sure why the Lakers are so stingy with their picks either they won’t be in the lottery. He should’ve been gone smh. Pelinka fumbling a potential championship trying to bet on the unknown future

LOL I hear you but he did have a good run with the triple double and anybody that can do that in the NBA gets respect from me but as a player overall, he’s missing something.

Yeah I remember when OKC lost to the Warriors after being up 3-1 and Westbrook was doing his ball hogging act not looking for teammates and after that lost KD got out of OKC.

In all fairness, Russ did average 26.7, 7.0, and 11.3 assists. KD shot 29% from 3pt. during the series and completely disappeared the last two games going 20 for 50 from the field and 4 for 15 from 3. He had one foot out the door already.

Russ certainly plays dumb and his career will come to an end soon if doesn’t adjust his game. He was really frustrating to watch the last couple years in OKC, but I like Russ and everything he did for OKC. The community service work he and his wife did for the city was outstanding. He still plays with that chip on his shoulder, but he’s got to figure out how to re-direct that edge so it serves his best interests.

But for the last several years, I’ve also thought that he probably has more interest in his clothing line than he does in basketball. It wouldn’t surprise me if he retires in the next two years to put more focus on his other interests.

Yeah, because he will probably look for 50 million a year after his contract is up and no one will pay him that. He has pretty much become close to a veteran minimum bench player. Let’s see how he handles it. Melo didn’t take it too well a few years ago but got over it.

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