Running plays

How do you run plays in my team? Also as well as setting a 4 out 1 in offense.

To call 4 out 1 in, you need to call a timeout while you are in possession of the ball and press triangle for gameplan. Scroll through offensive sets until you find what you’re looking for.

For plays, press R1 and then choose the icon for the player you want to run the play for. A list of plays will come up and you just pick the one you want.

Hopefully they will patch this shit of not being able to change a freelance during live ball.

I won’t laugh…I won’t laugh…


People run 4 out 1 in because they have zero basketball IQ and only know how to run a pick and roll/fade offense with no one in the paint. They’re not going to patch it because they purposely imposed it to stop all the bums from being able to beat talented players by exploiting a freelance. Simple.

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Tell that to Stan Van Gundy, also its called 4 out so yea theres a least 1 guy down there. I prefer warriors freelance but it would be nice to change on the fly if i wanna mix it up

Yeah, I don’t get the hate for 4 out 1 in. We already got 5 out freelance removed. Next thing you know any offense that caters to spacing will be “cheese”. 3 out 2 in just isn’t that great because the AI in this game is still very flawed. They clog up driving lanes at the most inopportune times.


Yeah, but they are also limiting sim players this way.

I used to use various freelances during the game, sometimes even just changing for one possession.

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I strongly disagree! Flow is 3-2 and it’s by far the best freelance imo. And it’s actually deadliest from three.

I’m not saying 3 out 2 in can’t be good in the right hands, just saying I don’t see any reason to hate on people who use 4 out 1 in. Some people just prefer the additional spacing.

Lol why laugh? Im like 26-1 with no plays. :frowning: bully. I guess that was obvious tho… i forgot some how. I never run plays. For some reason i thought plays were in the same section as freelances for some reason.

You should learn at least 2 or 3 money plays for when shit gets stagnant

I think everyone should have at least six plays to go to. That Iso,turbo,pick and roll/pop only works but for so long. Staying on topic though they should probably fix the freelance option asap

What are plays you would recommend?

I think he’s laughing at R1, instead of the correct L1…

Lmao how do i not notice these things smh