Rules For Buying/Selling/Trading: "Classifieds" (Read Before Posting)

buying or selling of MT, cards, shoes, etc.

Remember that this forum is a community for discussion. It does not exist to help you make transactions for your personal benefit.

Some Guidelines:

  • Categorize your post as “Classifieds” category.
  • Do not make duplicate threads. Update your last thread instead of making a new one, if you can. If your last thread is so old that the system doesn’t allow you to make a necessary edit to the title, you can ask a mod for help with that. Or make a new thread. But better to ask mod for help in editing title, if necessary, as you will retain the “track record” of whatever was posted in “original” thread.
  • Do not bump/update your thread more than once per 24 hours. (No trivial replies/updates to your own thread to de facto bump it more than once in 24 hours.)
  • If you are making a Classifieds post about an auction you have up, this means you can bump once in addition to the original post.
  • 24 Hour rule is firm. 24 Hours means at least 24 Hours, not almost 24 Hours. (Note: When site time-stamps “1d” for “1 day,” that’s approximate. You need to click to see exact time and make sure you do not bump within 24 hours, exactly.)
  • There is a post limit for new accounts so best to not try to “do business” with a brand-new account or you may run into the post limit.
  • Do not make multiple accounts to circumvent the new account/post limit.

Violations of these rules may result in temporary or permanent closing/unlisting of your thread. Generally, dishonest behavior will result in silencing, suspension, or banning of your account.

If you decide to conduct transactions with other players, be aware that it’s all generally against 2K’s TOS/EULA. Depending on what you transact, and how, you may receive a ban.

This site does not promote or condone any buy/sell transactions of any kind. Whether you buy or you sell, you do so at your own peril. The site has no interest in it, assumes no responsibility, and has no ability to help you if the transaction goes poorly.

(Edit by @HarryLundt)


1 bump for 24h is meaningless. What’s the logic behind it as long as game has 4,12 and 24h auctions options? 12h would be tight enough in a WORLDWIDE game, people selling from different timezones in the same AH. Sorry i don’t respect this unless u have a really good reason behind it. @HarryLundt @kinsman @2KGamer

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Rules are rules and I’m good with it. The only thing I don’t like is not being able to edit. I wish editing wouldn’t effect bumping. As a seller prices change sometimes and stock levels change but having to wait 24 hours to edit those changes I wish wasn’t part of the 24 hour rules. If this could be fixed where edits don’t auto bump a thread that would be cool.

@Ddrop: right now your thread on your Curry auction is #8 in Classifieds. It’s in the Top 10 of Classifieds without having been bumped more. If people are looking at Classifieds, your post is prominent.

@jusbro92: This is a good point. What I would say is, for the time being: edit your original post and edit the last post/bump you made to reflect current information. Edit your title. Then you can make current Price/Stock level known, without bumping. I don’t think editing bumps stuff to the top, so you can edit as much as you want.




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I need help, can’t figure out how to post lol