Ruined the game in three weeks?

I didn’t play for a few weeks because of studies, work and RDR 2. So I got a new internet provider, and wanted to test it out on NBA 2k19. Since the delay was always there when I took a shot or did a move. So everything was working perfectly, except for the gameplay. It is utter shit right now. God damn it. I loved the hardcore defense, but now its a sweat feast all over again. Bummer…


It’s definitely not the same game I originally bought, to say the least.

Yeah they shadily ruined the game to make it more appealing to casuals.
Completely different game from day1 game

The game is for pure casuals, they dont make enought coin from us, simples.

More like last years version… If I wanted to play NBA 2k18, I would of just used the other copy. Fucking money whores. Sorry for my language, but this pissed me off really. They had a perfect balance with stealing nerfed to a more logical state. That was my only issue in the beggining. They fixed it, and then went all the way to change the whole system again.

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I 100% agree.

Wish we could of got a refund, because this is not the game I bought after watching reviews and gameplay. If I knew that game would end up being in this state again, I would not of considered buying it. Almost a bit irritated that games have the possibility to be patched. I have never experienced a patch that did any good, except for the bug ridding patches.

Most of gameplay changes they did not even put notes out there, then when they supposedly release packs, they put packs out there now without players and scam people for good half hour.