Rudy Larusso exchange

Anyone exchanged for him? What’s he like?
Looks solid, and I have enough cards sitting there for him

I did the exchange and wish I would have skipped him. He’s good, but there’s a lot of great already out there.

The market is really saturated with solid cards. Larusso really isn’t a bad card though, but imo I’m on the fence about wasting 8 PD cards.

He’s honestly not good enough to play the 3 against elite cards and I’ve got at least 10 better options at the 4 because that position is completely over saturated. I have so many pink diamonds in my unopened packs that I won’t miss them but if you don’t have a surplus, I’d probably hold off. Your call though.

The diamond contract exchange is still the only one worth doing; I wouldn’t waste my cards on any other one.

Rudy is nothing special ratings/badge/wingspan wise and has bad signature animations.

Every time I see this guy’s name, I think of Karate Kid.


That 8 cards in my case are old dupes rewards… That you can sell for 3k each one or induced to exchange

The problem is the 15 OO lakers players… That’s a lot.

And so I am thinking that these cards (all from exchange) are just ‘fine’ for their tiers.