Rudy Gay or Shane Battier

Who do you guys like better?

Rudy Gay sucks for me, battier a supreme defender

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How does he suck?

Invisible on defense it feels like, doesn’t make shots. Only thing he does alright for me is slashing

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and battier makes shots/ has a good jumper?

I like Rudy’s release better but he just didn’t hit for me, battier good on catch and shoot and can lock up the opponents best player

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You need 12 of the bastards :sob: just take 1 and the other later. Also though if you dont have them bill russell and dj are pretty damn good.


Yeah, I’m about to get my first amethyst and sf is my weakest position

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If its your first maybe take redd, otherwise yeah battier cause def is more important atm. Look at the stat comp on rudy gay and cedric

Yeah Redd will def be in my top 3. Is he THAT much better than Ray Allen? Allen greens so much for me

In Domination, Rudy gays defense was targeted. Would fully contest and it would still go in. I think unlimited would be different though.


Bill & DJ keep the post clean.

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Bill is insane for me. The rest of historic dom had no chance in the paint. Hof rim looks ridiculous so i might even take big ben first off the diamonds

I’d try Rodman first to see if you like a smaller bigs.

But for some reason they made Ben Wallace 6’9. So he might be useful this year.

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I’ve just always thought Bill was so bad at offense (Just talking about in the post) that I cant score at all with him and it always bothered me. I was thinking about getting Magic honestly and running him

Gay is ok in TTO but his pretty garbo in MTU or any 5 vs 5 setting. Bad defense, not fast enough with or without the ball.

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Battier all the way

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I went to replace cedric with him last week and was like wtf his stats are all worse :joy:

John havlichek is looking like the best sf right now. Probably the version of him to ever come out

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