Ruby Yao vs Ruby Wilt

I’ve using Ruby Yao for my budget lineup but just unlocked the Wilt card. Obviously he’s no diamond or anything but in this particular lineup I need a ruby center

I’m curious because I need a backup center.

Yao is solid he slow af tho

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PD Mutumbo

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I’m nowhere near being able to get him Hahahaha

Who is your starting center?

Ruby Tyson

I have 30K to work with, and prefer a shooting center so I can trail cheese domination when it gets tough.

If you already have Chandler than, depending on how much you value Wilt’s post game, you may be better off sticking with Chandler.

Neither can shoot. Chandler is faster and better defender.

Chandler would be a great backup for me then, who would you recommend to start over him if I have a budget of 30K?

Is Amethyst KAT any good?

What about Amethyst KAJ with a contract and shoe? He’s 30K BIN. Shoe boosts his speed, defensive consistency, contact dunk, draw foul, and pass vision.

Why don’t you just pick up diamond Jokic? He’s cheap right now and has 92 3pointer plus he’s 7foot tall this year on 2k somehow.

Never played AM Towns but I’m not down with his defense. Better rebounder but I almost feel like I’d rather use Sapphire Raef if outside shooting were a really big deal. Or even Ruby Porzingis. Or DI Jokic, who is cheap AF compared to earlier.

If this is for Dom, don’t do trailing 3’s with your Center. Just have a good rim protecting rebounder. Hit your threes with your SG. You can spam them all day long even/especially after opponent scores.

AM Curry, AM KD, Ruby MoPete, AM Hedo. All day long.

If you want to experiment or have the card up your sleeve: probably can get Ruby Vucevic for 1K or less.

Thanks guys!


Yao or Wilt? LOL

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I’d go Yao for height they both have post takeovers but nobody will beat yao’s Size and frame and he’s solid shot blocker and good in the post wilt can basically do all that but smaller

Yao is a beast for limited minutes behind jokic for me

Ruby Yao hands down.

Wilt is slow and can’t v shoot or rebound with the legit and tall 7fters.