Ruby Tacko should have been EVO!

Sorry if this has already been mentioned but it just occurred to me…

If you’re gonna make us lock a 350k set, for a ruby card which is a fan favorite and might not even really play in the NBA this year, at least give us the chance to grind out asses off and make him a little better. That’s card I actually would grind with to make better even if takes a hell of a long time because I’m a Celtics fan and while he’s not going to be as good as other options at C, especially as we go along, I do enjoy using him and EVO would have made a ton of sense. Oh well


evo to PD makes the most sense


Imagine Tacko with even like 70 speed and a 70 3PT? God tier


even diamond or amethyst would be decent to have him at. I think diamond would be okay

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I think this would have even sold them more packs, which when you think about 2K logic, seems absurd that they wouldn’t have done it


I agree 100%. He’s so big that hes kinda unguardable at this point in the game but that’s a lot of mt to lock in for a ruby. Oh well I’ve been having fun playing with that card


I locked him once I realized how amazing Bosh is. Tacko’s really fun but it’d be nice if he had a few more badges


Yeah that hook is pretty nice. And he is a little bit more mobile than I thought he would be for some reason. He gets up and down the court ok for his stats.

Bosh is a beast. I run him at C. People who off-ball center and can’t guard the pick and pop usually quit pretty fast :smiley:

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he’s a god. A true matchup nightmare with the HOF shooting and post badges

I agree…it might be his stride with those long legs

No none “made” you lock the set . If you feel
It wasn’t worth it you shouldn’t have done it

No if I lock mutiple diamond and pd in a collection it should’ve been a pd.

it’s definitely worth it. Tacko is a ridiculously fun/hilarous card and never forget 2k is a GAME it’s supposed to be fun. Can’t remember the last time I had such a good time with a card

Just watch the HTB or the shake videos on Tacko these guys normally struggle to clock in and play this game/make videos. They were legitimately loving using Tacko.

Whoa! When did @element get into 2k20 my team ???

This is a really good idea! No wonder 2K didn’t think to put it in.