Ruby Moments Hezonja

Was hoping he’d get HoF Rim Protector for the lulz but defense that is akin to an Amethyst Luol Demg, on a Ruby Hezonja, is good enough.

Exactly the sort of novelty that we should get in My team, IMO…

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I wish he had a higher driving layup so I could use him as more of a slasher. The card looks pretty solid though, and I’m pretty sure he has that quick J.R base 49 jumper.

I think it’s on quicker side.

But his BC is also in 70s.

It’s hilarious but this is a 3&D Hezonja. And more D than 3.


Are his animations any good? Looks a lot worse than Deng, and Deng was pretty meh. Even for a ruby, there are much better options IMO.

:joy:Look how much his defense went up

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Does anyone remember the gold moments Hezonja from 2k18? Card was godly for a gold card lol

I don’t even know. I just love it that we can legit compare a Ruby Hezonja to an AM Deng.

Even better…compared to AM Kawhi:

Silly to expect anything else, given his ratings, but Super Mario gets Lockdown Defender Takeover. (Incidentally, so does Sapphire Corey Brewer. Two lanky-ass cheap wings.)

And his shot is medium, perhaps on the slower side of medium, is my rough take on it.