Ruby Jamal Murray is the best 2K you will ever spend

So good…similar to the new Waiters on offense and for whatever reason it feels like he has clamps on defense while playing on ball although he has no defensive badges. Good animations, wet jumper and has the sweeping behind the back full court dribble.

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The Snatchback god. He hit a fucking dagger 3 in a game the other day.



Im telling you right now man it feels like he has at least gold clamps. Ive tested a lot of point guards recently and he doesn’t feel like shit on defense like most of the guys with no badges. Test him out in TTO. Low risk high reward.

That Dennis Schro is quality as well more slasher playmaker type

@billyincognito my weapon of destruction has been added to the game lol remember the Murray vs Klay battle we had last year in the all time team tourney

Real talk Jamal is a flamethrower with much improved defense over previous years. Not different than he is in real life. Card is pretty accurate of him tbh

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You said like 1000+ games w him?

That shit was sick. I still have a PD Jamaal that I will learn in 2k19. Haven’t touched :rofl:

I’m not even salty when you beat me down with nice moves. I be checking peeping game :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I picked this card up right away. I’ll be making a Nuggs squad in due time

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Total mistmatch

Never have I defended a jamaal let alone play w friends and you pretty much a purple belt Murray player

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I’m using this card like bench pg, cause i have nothing to lose online after PD clyde and he is fire. What a cheesy step back

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Not 1000 but we’re taking at least 600 or so lol Jamal had such a juiced dribble package and moving shot. He was almost impossible to guard. I torched so many galaxy opal AK’s with him

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I’m making some themes as we speak.

We will clash soon

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