Ruby Jalen Rose

Has anybody used this card?? Thinking about picking him up for my bench

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I used his emerald when the game first started and he was really good. I would assume his ruby to be the same but maybe a little dated by now.

I like using cards nobody uses or would think to use

I sold all my cards and run an all time pacers squad. He’s my two but should be my point. Badge him out and the Reebok answer or question depending on if u prefer ball control or speed with ball

How much have u seen him for

Got him for 18k earlier . Which badges would you suggest

Damn I paid 25 k and all the others were 50. I folded out what he already had and added defensive stopper, relentless finisher, difficult shots because of his mid range game, and catch and shoot

Prolly gonna add bruiser and rim protector

Lol why would u add rim protector to a playmaking wing with awful defense. Rim protector isn’t even cheap… he ain’t blocking shit

I feel you

Rim Protector does a lot more than help w blocks this year. I have that badge on my entire team.


Yeah rim protector is a good badge to have on every player on your team.

Played with him on Pack & Playoffs. He’s solid. Helped my team a lot since he had Dimer

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Not trying to be an ass, but is this how you feel or something you know for a fact?

You can look it up on 2K labs. Like Def Stopper cancels out perimeter offensive badges and ratings, Rim Protector nerfs inside badges and ratings.

It’s a must-have, even on perimeter guys, because of defending drives that finish in the paint.

He has the 2nd worst defense after diamond Melo in my experience.

I see but with the blow by, rim protector won’t activate by time the offensive player reaches the rim/help defender

His ratings are not good but not the worst. His size helps him in alot of situations .

Defense does not mean a lot in sm anyway :slight_smile:

What if it’s not a blow-by, but your defender rides him all the way in and he puts up a contested layup?

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