Ruby Eddie Jones looks crazy good

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Hopefully they didn’t mess with his release, it’s easily my favorite thing about him.

Those devensive stats for a ruby :open_mouth:

96 Steal, offballers dream.

Or you can just on ball steal…

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Offball defense is dead right now.

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How much should we pay for him day 1

No more than 8K MT imo. He’s still a glacier at 73 speed.

He’s so slow hahah

Diamond Eddie Jones’ speed rating goes up to 80 but all his defensive stats go down to 90.

Why does he have 73 speed wtf is 2k doing

Its realistic though lmfao

Only 3 points higher than emerald Hakeem. :crazy_face:

2K’s tripping.

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Don’t sleep on Pass Interception/On Ball Steal tendency if you off ball.

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per usual

Yo that smiley almost gave me a heart attack lmao

This card is tons of fun.


I hope that he got high steal tendency for the offball