Ruby cards with HOF badges

I’m interested in adding these. Curious if anyone else is as well. The main thread about extra hof badges is a constant stream of dark matter cards at this point.

Yup. Lots. Bonga, KPJ, Thad, Bamba all have insane badges. I’ve add Clamps, Range, Intimidator etc. never added steady tho.

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My Ruby David Wesley has 11 HOF badges but I can’t sell him.

He’s unauctionable isn’t he? Or did I miss the joke :joy:

Unauctionable haha.

Wesley is my TTO god. HOF range, HOF clamps, HOF QFS, HOF blinders… he’s just god

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I just use Muggsy, same base 98 and is badged up like invincible.

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